Maciek Bodek

Good morning,

I am a frontend engineer with more than thirteen years of experience working with digital agencies, software houses and Silicon Valley startups.

It also happens that I have more than a decade of remote work under my belt anywhere from Pacific Standard Time to Australian Eastern.

Below is a selection of my mostly product-oriented work of which I have been a part of. Full details available upon request.

Product development

Startups and applications I've been a part of for long periods of time


Lead Frontend Engineer

from 12.2020

GlassDollar is an end-to-end solution to help source, manage, and successfully scale startup collaborations within an organization.

Lead UX / Frontend Engineer

from 05.2020

Primer consolidates online payments stack with a unified API, and supercharges checkout with data driven insights.

Senior Frontend Engineer (Full Stack)

07.2019 - 04.2020

Verifiable is a complete system to issue, share and verify digital credentials using Blockchain for maximum authenticity and portability.
It offers a complete authoring and issuing toolkit, including a custom template builder, issuing management interface and an analytics subsystem.

Senior Frontend Engineer (Full Stack)

11.2017 - 07.2019

A decentralised professional user data exchange system based on Ethereum, creating an ability to share the professional history, recommendations and connections between hiring platforms.

Senior Frontend Engineer

11.2017 - 09.2019

Developing a SaaS app that connects remote workforce with full time and freelance jobs offering an AI-augmented talent matching system.

Frontend Engineering Lead (Full Stack)

08.2014 - 04.2018

In charge of development of a highly-scalable, performance-oriented SaaS platform aimed to streamline the freelance management and deliver the easiest and most convenient way to hire, manage and pay the freelancers. Participating in the entire process pipeline from client pitch, UX prototyping/mockups and actual development to platform deployment and QA. Managing a frontend engineering team of four.


It's not just about programming. Explore the portfolio of pictures I've been taking my entire adult life.

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